BLVK Label

About BLVK Label

Think of BLVK Label as BLVK E-Liquid’s baby that finally few up to the monster it was raised to be. Existing as the cannabis arm of the company, everything from its initial conception, to its process, and products all started inside the BLVK headquarters in South El Monte, CA.

On a Wednesday afternoon comprised of sales calls, marketing meetings, and a never-ending drive to get $%@! done, BLVK Label was born almost as if it was an accident. Wrapping up a meeting with a multi-state distributor, we realized that within the distribution network, almost every aspect of cannabis was covered – all except a brand the specializes in vaping THC in a way that’s both potent and flavorful.

Enter BLVK Label, an ultra-premium cannabis brand that exists to get everyone HIGH AS FVCK with its full-bodied, potent, and pure THC Disposablesh.

States Available:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Oklahoma​

BLVK Label Products